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one or more of the workload tables is missing
Cause: One or both of the workload tables are missing. The two workload tables which should be present in the user's schema are V_192216243_F_5_E_14_8_1 and V_192216243_F_5_E_15_8_1; the former is mapped to WORK$_IDEAL_MVIEW and the latter to WORK$_MVIEW_USAGE. The workload tables are created by the Oracle Trace Formatter when the data-collection-file (oraclesm.dat) is formatted by the user.
Action: Check whether the Formatter succeeded in formatting the data collection. Sometimes the V_192216243_F_5_E_14_8_1 (i.e WORK$_IDEAL_MVIEW) may not be created whereas the other table is created. The most likely cause of this is the init.ora parameters needed to invoke mview-rewrite are not enabled. Check your documentation for all the init.ora parameters which need to be set for mview-rewrite to occur. Another possibility is no GROUP BY queries were issued during the time the data was collected, in which case, run the Trace collection for a longer time to get a representative sampling of the queries issued in the data warehouse.